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Porvair Filtration Group is focused on the managed reduction and phase out of the use of substances targeted by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and similar regulations. Our Engineering functions apply stringent rules and processes when using chemicals throughout the manufacturing of our products. Chemical hazards in our workplaces are minimised and controlled, substituting high hazard chemicals with safer alternatives wherever possible.
Some of the chemicals covered by the REACH legislation is however critical in enabling our high technology products to work in a safe and efficient manner and we will not compromise product safety. Where there are restrictions to chemical use in some legal jurisdictions, we will pursue opportunities to substitute those chemicals with available alternatives. In such cases we will maintain strict substance management and exposure controls.
We work with both our customers and industrial partners to develop and qualify alternatives for use in new production and aftermarket applications. In the meantime, we continue the use of regulated substances in order to ensure product integrity and supply continuity.
REACH Regulation

Porvair takes its legal obligations seriously and as such are committed to meeting the European REACH Regulations which mandate that we communicate information on specific substances used in our products, as stated in Article 33 -Duty to communicate information on substances in articles. The information in the Safe Use Instructions, found on our website, details these requirements.

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