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Pharmaceutical Venting and Gas Filtration

Protecting people, the environment and products from contaminants during pharmaceutical manufacturing processes requires the safe venting of tanks or autoclaves or filtration of gases or aggressive chemicals. The Porvair Filtration Group range of hydrophobic polymeric membrane filters meet the requirements of PDA Technical Report 40 “Sterilizing Filtration of Gases” and offer long service life.

Steam is used to ensure the sterilisation of filters and process equipment or sanitisation of equipment. To prevent product contamination and fouling from pipe scale or debris, clean filtered steam, free from unwanted particulates ensures process efficiency and protects equipment. Offering a range of filter grades and materials, our porous stainless steel cartridge filters are suited to pharmaceutical steam applications and comply with 3-A Standard 609-01.

Please contact a Porvair Filtration Group company representative for further information and advice on venting and gas filtration, and our design and manufacturing services.

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