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Sinterflo® MC Sintered Metal Composite

These multi-layer precision filter meshes are produced using a novel sintering process resulting in superior mechanically strong structures. Primarily made from 316L stainless steel, they are also available in Inconel®, Hastelloy® and Monel® materials for use in the most aggressive environments. Depending on atmospheric conditions, our stainless steel option can be used in temperatures up to 540ºC (1004ºF), with intermittent operating peaks up to 650ºC (1202ºF), and are resistant to most chemicals.

Formats available include flat sheet, custom shapes, welded cones and welded cylinders, and the materials can be manufactured in a variety of layer combinations depending on your specific application. Standard material combinations can include perforated plates for additional support.

Sinterflo® MC is available in a range of filtration grades from 2 micron and up.

Features and benefits

  • Fabricated shapes without expensive support structures or joining strips
  • Can be cleaned repeatedly
  • Non-shedding media
  • Easily custom-engineered.
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