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World Class Filtration Solutions


Porvair manufactures a wide range of high purity porous media and reliable, high efficiency filtration products for both gas and liquid applications.

Gas Handling

The GasPro™ range of products ensure extreme cleanliness in critical semiconductor and microelectronics gas handling and delivery applications, including:

  • Gas safety management
  • Exhaust venting systems
  • Flow control
  • Mass flow control
  • Needle valve replacement
  • Laminar flow diffusing
  • Pressure snubbing
  • Flame arresting.

We can custom engineer solutions for the most demanding applications, using porous PTFE membrane, Sinterflo® F sintered metal fibre and Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder media.

Materials of construction

Our wide range of porous media includes a variety of pore sizes and material properties. These high efficiency filters are offered in:

  • PTFE membrane
  • 316L stainless steel Sinterflo® F sintered metal fibre
  • 316L stainless steel Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder
  • Nickel Sinterflo® F sintered metal fibre
  • Nickel Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder
  • Hastelloy® C22 Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder.

Service in severe environments

Our GasProTM filter media provides excellent mechanical strength, enhanced corrosion resistance and elevated temperature service in severe environments.

Mechanical strength

The filter media and supporting structure are designed to withstand the highest pressure differential. The mechanical strength of the 316L stainless steel filter housings will provide reliable service.

Temperature resistance

316L stainless steel or nickel construction provides elevated temperature service up to 500°C (930°F). Hastelloy® C22 construction is rated for 700°C (1290°F) in reducing or inert gas applications. With PTFE filter media, the filters are rated up to 120°C (250°F).

Corrosion resistance

Our GasProTM filter hardware features electro polished surfaces to prevent corrosion and particle formation for years of reliable service. Robust construction and excellent corrosion resistance allow for service in a wide range of processing gases. 

High Purity Chemical Filtration

Our LiquiPro™ range focuses on the delivering improved performance within the semiconductor industries, by reducing process defects and to achieve an increased lifespan of the filter. The products are suitable for the following applications:

  • CMP
  • PVD copper plating
  • Wet etch clean
  • Photolitho
  • Chemical delivery system
  • General Filtration
  • Final Cleaning and DI Water filtration
  • Plating, Etching, Stripper chemicals
  • Chemicals of acid, bases and solvents (selected applications)
  • Engineering or Equipment companies requiring cartridge housings

The LiquiPro™ range includes cartridges, capsules and their respective housings. The Fltration hardware format comes in standard cartridges as well as disposable or capsule form. The filter media of Polypropylene (PP), Polyethersulfone (PES), Fluoropolymer (PTFE), Nylon (NL), PVDF are available at selected pore sizes.

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