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Porous Powder Components

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Battery Vents and Flame Arrestors

Porvair Filtration Group manufactures a wide range of flame arrestors from sintered metal powder and porous plastics. Porvair's sintered metal flame arrestors are used in many process instrument and analytical instrument applications as safety devices for handling combustible gases for gas analysers.

The high thermal conductivity of these flame arrestor cools the flame front or combustion wave by absorbing and dissipating the heat of the flame.

Porvair sintered metal powder flame arrestors comply with the ATEX Directive and the associated International Standards Organization (ISO) testing guidelines:

  • ISO 4003 Æ Determination of Bubble Point Pore Size in Porous Sintered Metal
  • ISO 4022 Æ Determination of Permeability
  • ISO 2738 Æ Determination of Density in porous materials.

Porvair Filtration Group's Porvent porous plastic battery vents are manufactured from Vyon®, in either polyethylene or polypropylene. They can be used for: flame arresting, separation and optimum venting.

Porvair's flame arrestors can be made into the following formats:

  • Cut shapes, mouldings, moulded discs or plugs
  • Moulded cylinders with or without housings, end caps or threads
  • Moulded discs or plugs sintered directly into stainless steel sensor housings
  • Complex shapes containing both threads and end caps.

Typical applications

  • Flame arresting
  • Ignition prevention in flue gas stacks
  • Explosion proof enclosure venting
  • Flashback prevention for welding torches
  • Battery vents
  • Sensor protection.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent flame-arresting properties due to tortuous path within the sintered porous materials
  • Optimum flow of gases. The controlled pore size and uniform density ensure an even flow of gas to the sensor device
  • For sound systems such as loudspeakers, the stainless steel mesh has excellent flame-arresting properties, but with reduced sound attenuation
  • Robust and easy to assemble
  • Our products undergo SPC inspection and conform to all the leading test authorities such as EECS, UL, FM, CAS and BASEEFA.
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