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Solid particulate and water droplets may be encountered at varying levels of contamination wherever hydrogen gas or indeed cryogenic liquid is transported or distributed, whether in tanks or via a piping system or grid network. Porvair supplies systems able to filter the particulate and separate the water droplets / aerosols from the hydrogen gas as well as the removal of particulate from cryogenic liquid hydrogen .

These units and assemblies, specially designed to withstand conditions of high pressures and ultra low temperatures and engineering challenges within the strict regulatory requirements, are solutions that can be employed in hydrogen process flow systems for upstream and downstream pressurised tanks, gas compressors and boosters, heat exchangers and pumps, for example.

Custom engineered solutions for these processes

H2O separation from gaseous H2:

  • Fluorofil ®
  • Polyfil ®
  • Sinterguard ® HPB

Particulate separation from gaseous H2:

  • Polyfil ®
  • Sinterflo ® F

Particulate separation from cryogenic LH2

  • Sinterflo ® F
  • Sinterflo ® P

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