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Vyon® Silencers

Vyon® is a porous permeable plastic material made from high density polyethylene by a modern powder sintering process.

The Vyon® silencer is a sintered polyethylene body moulded to a high density polyethylene adapter.

The silencer screws directly into the exhaust port of a control valve. The exhausting air escapes to the atmosphere by expanding through the porous body.

The noise from a single unsilenced exhaust port is reduced from about 90 decibels to between 60 and 70 decibels when fitted with a Vyon® silencer. 90 decibels corresponds to the noise produced by a heavy truck or underground train passing at a distance of a few feet and represents the acknowledged danger level to which people should not be exposed for any length of time. By comparison, 60 decibels corresponds to normal conversation at a distance of 1 metre (3 feet).

Vyon® silencers are available to pneumatic equipment manufacturers in our exclusive grey body/black adaptor colour combination direct from Porvair Filtration Group.

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