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Pulsed Jet Self Cleaning Air and Gas Filters

Pulse jet cleaning is a process developed by Porvair for the effective removal of collected solids from the surface of a filter element.

The process is typically undertaken whilst the filter is in operation, in situ, and apart from a very small pressure spike (or ‘overpressure'), it does not interrupt or interfere with the process flow.

The technique and its associated equipment can be designed to be used in high temperature, high solids, chemically aggressive and highly active environments, and over a wide range from vacuum condition to high pressure condition. This provides filtration down to very fine levels, with continuous operation and consistent pressure loss, allowing the accurate specification of complementary equipment around the filter.

Features and benefits

  • Pleated high area metallic filter media in various alloys ranging from 316L stainless steel through Hastelloy®, Inconel® and FeCrAl
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Optional clean in place
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Low pumping costs due to very low clean pressure drop
  • Improves product recovery and process efficiency
  • Environmental compliance benefits
  • Repeatedly steam sterilisable
  • Eliminates cross-contamination between batches and operator exposure
  • Total pharmaceutical product compatibility.


  • This technique is widely used across a wide range of processes in areas as diverse as:
  • Fuel production, including fuel pellet grinding, furnace off-gas venting, powder transport and conversion oven/fluidised bed venting at temperature
  • Power generation, including spent fuel and debris vault venting and protection and spent fuel drying processes
  • Decommissioning, including mechanically generated dust collection, smoke removal, ceramic membrane crushing and cementation drum fill operations
  • Waste deposition, including vitrification and waste solidification processes, drum filling and drum venting.
  • Syngas production from coal (char removal) for the production of hydrogen and chemicals such as ammonia and urea; methanol and chemicals such as dimethyl ether, ethylene and propylene; or via Fischer-Tropsch to produce fuels such as diesel, kerosene and gasoline
  • Syngas production from petcoke (char removal) for the generation of energy through the production of synthetic natural gas, fuel gas and steam
  • Waste to Energy (WtE) using MSW, automotive tyres and biomass gas syngas production by gasification and pyrolysis processes

The pulsed jet filtration system has a track record of success in the following applications:

  • Catalyst addition systems
  • Dryers
  • Fluidised bed
  • Fuel production
  • Granulators
  • Milling systems
  • Mixers/blenders
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Powder recovery and analysis systems
  • Process gas
  • Super-heated steam.
  • Gasification filter systems
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