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Porvair Filtration Group supplies true HEPA grade gas filtration, 99.97% at 0.3 microns, to meet the challenges of arduous conditions, including high temperature operation, up to 370°C in oxidising environments, chemically corrosive flows and high radioactivity situations, where conventional HEPAs would not be able to survive.

For high solids loads that would otherwise rapidly blind conventional HEPA inserts, Porvair Filtration Group supply Pulsed Jet, self-cleaning, HEPA grade systems that operate at a stabilised condition (a level of pressure loss which can be pre-determined by the user) whilst delivering the solids back to the user for disposal which would otherwise blind the filter.

Already in use in power stations in the UK and both fuel production and waste treatment facilities elsewhere, Porvair Filtration Group metal HEPA filters can be used in a wide range of varied applications. These include waste treatment and storage, post-Fukushima containment venting packages and ventilation systems, where the failure of conventional filter medium due to high differential pressure, and the presence of moisture, fire and explosion present an unacceptable risk to the public.

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