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Continuous development of products and materials is vital to enable the Porvair Filtration Group to offer new and better solutions to applications. Typically, between 20% and 30% of annual sales are made with products that are less than three years old, with a significant proportion of the workforce dedicated to product and process development

Porvair Filtration Group (Segensworth Division) is well known in the aerospace and nuclear filtration markets as a supplier of filters and filtration systems for extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and corrosion. This broad range of quality filtration products are extensively tested and validated in order to meet international standards. We also supply our own designed self-cleaning, removable and disposable filter systems for the nuclear industry, and we routinely design and develop these filters from new, in order to keep up with the increasingly demanding needs of these dangerous and demanding environments.

Although Porvair operates across many filtration and separation markets there is significant interaction between each division in terms of product research and development. The new product development team is drawn from scientists and engineers from across all divisions to meet up for monthly peer and management reviews in an environment that encourages new ideas and new solutions. The success of this approach has been in the interaction of chemists and engineers working together to find practical solutions to some extremely complex scientific challenges identified in the chosen market areas.

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