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Porvair Localized Environment Control Filtration and Venting

3 Oct 2023

From intricate individual analytical procedures to entire production processes it could be said that a cleanroom is just a giant glovebox with the same basic needs.

Control of a localized environment both internally and externally is the  common factor that is only changes by the size and therefore airflow that is needed.

Whether filtration is required in the supply of ultra clean process gases including air supply or if  it prevents the release of potentially harmful gasses or particulate to the atmosphere Porvair has the product to fit the bill.

Current applications involving microelectronic semiconductor chip production, biologicals handling, and nuclear remediation processes all use our proven HEPA (99.97%,0.3micron) and the more efficient standard GasPro TEM( 99.99999997%, 0.003micron) filters.

Attention to detail, extreme control of our processes ,and adherence to our agreed specifications prior to the release of our product is of paramount importance.

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