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Filtration Catalogue 2023

14 Mar 2023

Porvair is pleased to launch its 2023 Filtration Catalogue, featuring an extensive range of products.

The new catalogue highlights Porvair’s continuous dedication to finding new ways to fulfil customers’ filtration requirements and to develop new products for the markets they serve.

The catalogue features several new products, including the new Biofil™ 3, Biofil™ 3 Plus, Hydrofil™ Junior and Sinterflo™ WF.

The additional products are listed as follows:

Biofil™ 3 cartridges utilise a single layer of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, providing a filter with effective bioburden reduction properties (LRV ≥ 7) to support the manufacture of pharmaceutical, food & beverage and other life science products.

Biofil™ 3 Plus 0.2micron are sterilising grade filters designed for the filtration of a broad range of liquids in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other critical applications.

Hydrofil™ Junior filters are microbially rated cartridge filters featuring the latest developments in membrane technology and are based on a naturally hydrophilic nylon membrane.

Sinterflo™ WF (wide format) filter cartridges are designed for applications requiring a very high flow rate. They are equally suitable for use as membrane pre-filters or final polishing filters in applications that do not require membrane filtration.

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