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31 Aug 2023

After a ground scorching summer and the lack of rainfall resulting in lost crops and rising costs thoughts naturally turn to how Farmers can mitigate climatic extremes and become more cost effective and efficient in the future.

Once the Harvest is gathered the Fall or Autumn season is a time for ground preparation and seed/plant sowing. It is at this time that farmers must decide to install new, or to carry out maintenance on existing, water conserving irrigation drip lines.  The replacement of worn or partially blocked filtration screens is a central part of this process.

Porvair Filtration Group Inc.’s Sinterflo® MC metal mesh composite product line - manufactured in Ashland, Virginia - is specifically developed to help the agriculture sector cope with drought conditions.

These specialized metal mesh composite filters are fitted to drip lines, which are considered to be the most effective method of watering crops. They are also environmentally friendly because they promote the efficient use of water. Drip lines, which harness multiple nozzles spread along their length, allow an entire crop to be watered all at once so that the plants receive only as much water as they need and so that they grow at a uniform pace.

Californian crops are hydrated using water which is reclaimed from wells where minerals and sediments are naturally present. Unavoidably this presents a danger of contamination and clogging, so it is necessary to fit filters to the head of the drip line to prevent problems. Should the line become blocked, it has to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled - a costly and time-consuming process.

Porvair’s filters are specifically designed to cope with all of the various contaminants that can build up over these nozzles. There are a range of different micron ratings and sizes of filters for use with different types and volumes of water; these are appropriately colour coordinated for ease of recognition.

Furthermore, thanks to the durable, precision material that they employ, the drip lines can even be used under high water pressure conditions.

The product line employs Porvair’s proprietary Sinterflo® MC 316L stainless steel metal mesh composite with plastisol sealing gaskets, to ensure that no particulate by-passes the filter.

As well as helping to ease the Californian drought, Porvair’s products are used in Florida to provide water to citrus fruit farms, golf courses and botanical gardens.

Trevor Waghorn, Porvair’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing said: “The drought in California is one of the more serious problems facing the United States, and Porvair are currently playing a role to help combat this. Managing water has never been more important and our customer’s drip lines can drastically reduce wasted water in the agricultural sector. We consider them to be a highly effective tool for farmers – helping them to grow more crops with less water.”

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