Space: Ensuring Critical Systems Are Contamination Free

18 Nov 2020

Effective filtration and material compatibility is vital to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants.

We supply a comprehensive range of filter media, assemblies and filter elements for use within the Space Industry; guaranteeing safety, long service life, reliability and cost effectiveness in the most demanding of situations.

Applications include:

  • Vehicle launch propulsion

Porvair manufactures elements which are used filter the propellant used to fuel the engines and thrusters, providing protection from particulate contamination ingression

The filters are manufactured using a composite of multi layers of woven stainless steel mesh, fabricated and welded to supporting hardware provide an assembly to suit the required application.

  •  Orbit-insertion and station-keeping (attitude and environmental control)

For orbit-insertion, station-keeping, or attitude control where critical filtration protection is required for flow control and restriction on stored gas energy sources, we provide a range of filters and filter housings.

These assemblies featuring fine levels of filtration and high levels of build level cleanliness ensure reliable operation of the system. We manufacture housing and filter elements to a superior cleanliness standard. These products protect the flow from the stored (gas) energy supplies to ensure that any contamination cannot cause degradation of other system components leading to leakage and reduction in satellite operating duration and or malfunction. 

  • Composite manufacture

Our Vyon® material is used on composite cutting vacuum hold down tables as a sacrificial component in the manufacturing process, protecting the table. The material was originally developed in this application for civil aircraft manufacture.

Our unrivalled experience and extensive materials range ensures that we can supply a fully engineered solution for vehicle launch, control and manufacturing applications.

Core Competencies

• Material selection and manufacturing

Our experience in separation and filtration materials, fluid/gas dynamics and manufacturing ensures fit-for purpose materials and fabricated products.

• Design and engineering

Our strength in design, engineering and prototyping enables us to provide the optimum bespoke solution to any application.

• Project management

Our understanding of your regulatory requirements, deliverables and timescales means your product will meet market demand, placing you ahead of the competition.

• Quality and reliability

Our high expectation for quality, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement, ensures that our raw materials are carefully selected and our manufacturing processes are optimally controlled to cGMP standards.


Sinterflo® sintered porous metal materials

For flight applications sintered porous stainless steel, sintered metal fibre and multi-layer stainless steel meshes.

Available for OEM producers or as fabricated products/assemblies designed to meet specific performance requirements.

Vyon® sintered porous plastic materials

For composite manufacture sintered porous polyethylene and polypropylene materials. Produced in both sintered porous polyethylene and polypropylene, materials are available in roll, and sheet formats.

Andy Cowan, Business Manager – Aerospace, comments “Povair Filtration Group has extensive experience in the design, development, certification and industrialisation of filter elements, housings and manufacturing materials technologies used on Launch Vehicle Propulsion and Satellite Orbit-Insertionfor space exploration applications.

We are actively looking share our technology with future partners to continue our development.”

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