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Life-saving water filter now in collapsible bottle

6 Jun 2018

Porvair Filtration Group has redesigned their revolutionary water filter for their client Aquafilta Ltd, to make it easier and quicker to use in areas of the world where clean water supply is not available.

Porvair has been working with Aquafilta on a small portable purification system that has been specifically designed to remove all bacteria to produce water fit for human consumption.

The Aquafilta product is a simple, robust and lightweight unit. Acting as a syphon, it contains no moving parts and eliminates the requirement for a power source or costly replacements. It can not only be used in areas where there are cholera epidemics, areas of low or non-existent water/sewerage infrastructure, and low income rural communities, but in disaster and emergency relief zones, refugee camps and displaced communities. It can also be used by military and outdoor pursuit personnel when responding to a humanitarian crisis.

Currently on trial with both a major international poverty charity and leading outdoor retailer, the filter has been designed so that it is now part of a bottle, which can be condensed to a small size, making it much easier to be carried around and used in a wider variety of situations where clean water supply is scarce. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution to be used where boiling water is neither possible nor practical.

The filter can be manufactured to fit different receptacle units including sports bottles, standard army issue water bottles and other bespoke bottles, which include the current collapsible bottle.

Complying with all UK Food and Safety standards, the filter uses a FDA approved ‘disinfection grade’ hydrophilic Polyethersulfone membrane, which is widely used in bottled water and brewing processes, due to an ability to completely remove all bacteria and greatly reduce the concentration of all viruses from water. 

Engineered and manufactured in the UK, it is an absolute-rated, 0.2 micron filter that is based upon Porvair’s proven Biofil™ product - a hydrophilic Polyethersulfone membrane with a mirrored asymmetric pore structure.

General Manager, Mike Hughes, stated “We are delighted to continue working with Aquafilta Limited to develop this revolutionary and lifesaving water filter, which has been proven to be a massive help in communities around the world. Our team has been involved in increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the filter, to help improve clean water supply in disastrous situations”.

Colin Goodwin from Aquafilta adds “More people now have access to clean water, due to the new lightweight, portable design, as they are able to transport the filter around with them much easier. The filter has been designed for long-term use and with low production costs and no replacement parts required, this is an excellent solution to help improve the living conditions of people across the globe.”

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