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Filtration leader's versatile BioVyon™ material is much more than just sintered porous plastic

1 Jan 2017

A leading producer of high performance filtration and separation technology is driving fresh innovation at the world's largest annual medtech event with its cutting edge BioVyon™ sintered porous plastic.

Porvair Filtration Group will be on hand at MD&M West, taking place from 7-9 February at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, where it will showcase BioVyon™'s wide-ranging applications across the life sciences, analytical, pharma and medical markets.

Its extensive range of features make it the ideal choice in many areas for filtration, separation, purification, diffusion and fluid transfer within the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries – and BioVyon™'s list of uses continues to grow year-on-year.

Key applications include process chromatography supports used in drug purification, supports in solid phase extraction, columns for analytical chromatography sample preparation, drug filters, vents for catheters, medical collection vessel and mixing of bone cements.

Furthermore, versatile BioVyon™ – a range of sintered porous plastic materials specifically designed and made for these regulated and demanding markets - can be used for the effective separation and purification of proteins and DNA.

Porvair, which can be found on booth 2493 at MD&M West, says that BioVyon™ is also ultra-clean and exhibits low extractables.

However, in BioVyon's more complex form, its surfaces can be modified to make them hydrophilic or hydrophobic, or to achieve specific chemical and biochemical separations.

Additionally, active materials such as chromatography resins can be incorporated into the BioVyon structure.

Porvair recently extended the range further by introducing a hydrophilic version which gives enhanced benefits when operating with aqueous solutions. In some cases there is no need to wet the columns prior to use.

By adding a material that swells on contact with aqueous solutions to the BioVyon™ to form a composite, an effective shut-off valve is produced. When blood or other aqueous solutions make contact with this form of BioVyon™, the pore structure blocks and it stops venting. Applications are found in catheters and operating theatre fluid collection vessels.

Porvair's General Manager Roy Rigby said:

“The huge and growing versatility of BioVyon™ means that Porvair can define the optimum solution for each problem.

“In process chromatography, for example, it is used as a support for resins in chromatography columns used in the manufacture and purification of drugs.

“The strength of the material is just as critical as the even porosity of the material to achieve a uniform flow for efficient reaction with the resins. Our products are highly regulated for this application.

“Another example is found in our Chromatrap® product range, where the BioVyon™ is conjugated to Protein A or G or some other biomolecule to enable it to separate antibodies and their targets from cell contents or tissue samples.

“Fundamentally, we believe that BioVyon™ represents a significant step forward for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

“Matching that is Porvair's deep understanding of the applications and a belief that bespoke solutions are best.”

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