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Porvair wins major containment venting filter element supply deal with Spanish nuclear power plant

11 Nov 2016

Porvair Filtration Group has won a significant contract to supply its filter elements for a Filtered Containment Venting System (FCVS) at a Spanish nuclear power plant.

Porvair is supplying the filters - designed to retain fission products in the event of a nuclear accident – which will be installed at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), located west of Valencia and operated by Iberdrola Nuclear.

The contract awarded by WorleyParsons Sofia (Bulgaria), will run over a period of 18 months, and Porvair believes that it is another significant demonstration of its ability to supply technically superior, dependable solutions to the nuclear sector.

Porvair partnered with WorleyParsons to develop the new components for the FCVS with key Iberdrola demands in mind, including reliability, industrial experience, ease of installation, and the minimisation of impact on the operation of the power plant. 

The development process was initiated in 2012 as part of WorleyParsons' Global Nuclear Improve initiative - which strives to deliver maximum value to customers using local teams - and is subsequently funded as an innovation project under the Global Project Management Office. 

Iberdrola's decision to partner with WorleyParsons and Porvair represents a major success for both companies, placing them on an equal footing with established competitors. 

FCVS systems have been installed in many plants across Europe and Asia following the high-profile Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in 2011. 

The FCVS filter elements supplied by Porvair to the BWR-type power station - which first entered service in 1984 and now supplies virtually all of the domestic energy consumption of the Valencian Community - will allow for controlled pressure reduction and the filtration of radioactive particles. 

It is designed to mitigate the consequences of an accident by significantly reducing the radioactive exposure of the surrounding population and avoid long-term soil contamination. 

Using Porvair's metal HEPA filter elements, composed made using 316L stainless steel Sinterflo® F sintered metal fibre, Porvair engineers tailored solutions for passive filtered containment venting systems, capable of operating in the event of a total loss of power. 

Porvair's Nuclear Services Market Manager, Chris Chadwick said: “Porvair is heavily involved in the development of leading containment venting solutions that deliver dependable performance when it comes to the retention of fission products in the event of a nuclear accident. 

“We believe that no two filtered containment venting applications are the same, each having their own unique set of requirements, and each solution must take into account a multitude of variable factors. 

“Significant threats must be carefully modelled and mitigated for through engineered solutions, tailored to specific plant requirements.

“Our contract win with WorleyParsons for Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant represents another very unique project with its own individual challenges, and our selection by WorleyParsons as the right team to deliver for the FCVS for Iberdrola Nuclear is testament to that bespoke approach.

 “We are also pleased to be able to continue to build on our relationships with both companies through the award of this important project.”

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