Microelectronics Catogue

1 Jan 2022

Porvair Filtration Group is pleased to offer a complete range of high purity liquid and gas filters for the Microelectronics Industry. These products have been consolidated into one catalogue for ease of use.

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Porvair manufactures a wide range of high purity porous media and reliable, high efficiency filtration products. These products ensure extreme cleanliness in critical semiconductor and microelectronics gas handling and delivery applications, including:

  • Gas safety management
  • Exhaust venting systems
  • Flow control
  • Yield enhancing particle reduction
  • Laminar flow diffusing
  • Pressure snubbing
  • Flame arresting

We can custom engineer solutions for the most demanding applications using porous PTFE membrane, Sinterflo® F sintered metal fiber and Sinterflo® P sintered powder metal media.

Our LiquiPro™ range of filters and filter housings are designed specifically for the following applications:

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • POST CMP Clean
  • PVD
  • Wet Etch Clean (WEC)
  • Photolitho
  • Chemical delivery system
    Water cleaning 
  • General filtration

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