Filtration Catalogue 2022

5 Jan 2022

We are pleased to launch a new edition of our Filtration Catalogue, you can view this

Although custom engineering is at the heart of the business, this Filtration Catalogue represents an overview of our standard range of products for the Industrial and Chemical Process, Food and Beverage, Water and Pharmaceutical industries.

New products in the 2022 catalogue include:

Tekfil™ SW String Wound Cartridge Filters

The Tekfil™ SW range of precision wound filter cartridges are suitable for many filtration applications. Available in a wide range of media types and with either polypropylene or steel cores allows for wide chemical compatibility

Tekfil™ CR Absolute Rated Depth Filter Cartridge Cryptosporidium Grade

Tekfil™ CR is an absolute rated polypropylene depth filter cartridge optimised for the removal of Cryptosporidium Oocysts. Tekfil™ CR grade filters have been tested by an independent, ISO17025:2017 accredited laboratory and found to achieve >99.9993% removal of live Cryptosporidium oocysts, an LRV of >5.2. The Tekfil™ CR grade has been manufactured from very fine fibres to maximise removal efficiency without compromising flow rate, pressure drop, or dirt holding capacity. Independently tested for levels of extractibles using water, ethanol and acetic acid as simulants, and compliant with EC Directive 1935:2004 for food contact.

Microcap GPVDP Hydrophilic PVDF Membrane Capsule Filters

Microcap™ GPVDF capsule filters consist of a single layer, hydrophilic, high capacity polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane. These filters are used for bioburden control and clarification/prefiltration in aqueous liquids. Pore sizes range from 0.22 to 1.0 µm and the filter devices scale from laboratory to full production using identical materials to ensure consistent results. The hydrophilic GPVDF filters deliver high flow and throughput with the broad chemical compatibility of a fluoropolymer, making them ideal for filtering aggressive aqueous solutions.

Microcap GGF Pleated Glass Fibre Capsule Filters

Microcap™ GGF general service grade capsules are used for the removal of particulate contaminants from water, inks, dyes and speciality chemicals. Made with glass fibre microfibre media and designed with the maximum filtration area, these filters can remove large amounts of particulate and other contaminants over a long filter life. Microcap™ GGF capsules protect critical membrane filters downstream by removing 99% of contaminants at the rated pore size. Glass fibre depth media filters perform the critical upstream clarification of products. When used in final filtration systems, the filters protect the high-value membrane filters used downstream. Glass fibre depth media capsule filters are rinsed during production to remove manufacturing debris from the capsules.

Sinterflo CRC Sintered 316L SS colour remediation chromatography (CRC) disc assemblies used in edible oil extraction

Sinterflo® CRC multi layered, diffusion-bonded stainless steel meshes are available in 316L and other alloys. This precision filter mesh, also known as a porous plate, is available in a range of different pore sizes ranging from 1 - 100 microns in various diameters. These multi-layers precision filter meshes are produced using a novel sintering process resulting in superior mechanically strong structures. Primarily made from 316L stainless steel.

We’ve also created a number of applications drawings at the front of the catalogue to help identify where our products are used throughout industry.

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