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World Class Filtration Solutions

Where is filter technology used within the Nuclear industry?

Filters are employed throughout the Nuclear industry. The following applications describe some typical issues.

Waste packaging and storage

To deal with legacy waste as raw waste or after processing, such as vent breathers to safely prevent the pressurisation of the waste container from gases generated through unavoidable corrosion and decomposition processes, as well as the careful management of hydrogen levels.

Decommissioning and decontamination

To deal with the clean-up of liquid wastes, decomposition of organic waste, drying and storage of spent fuel, venting of waste tanks and effluent treatment packages.

Power generation

Process filtration throughout the main CO2 coolant loop and active (liquid) effluent treatment in the AGR fleet, separation of solids in caesium removal packages, filtration safety valve protection (and solids removal in Filtered Containment Venting systems in water cooled reactor systems) ,  storage and transport package venting for spent fuel disposal and High Temperature Gas Reactor Helium systems.

Fuel production

Used in processes in the production of enriched UO2, the sintering of fuel pellets and fuel fabrication (including the final grinding of the finished fuel pellets), spent fuel reprocessing and venting of off gasses.

Filtered containment venting systems

To manage the release of over-pressure within the reactor containment whilst capturing solids and removing liquid aerosols in water cooled reactors.

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