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Where are filters used within the Food and Beverage industries?

Filters are installed to effectively remove particulates, yeast, mould spores and bacteria for use in the following process applications:

  • Wineries
    For pre-filtration and microbiological stabilisation.
  • Breweries
    For PVPP and DE particulate trap filtration, stabilisation, bio-burden reduction prior to pasteurisation, FOB returns, steam and sterile CO2.
  • Cider
    For pre-filtration and microbiological stabilisation.
  • Spirits
    For ensuring a crystal clear product.
  • Mineral Water
    For polishing and particulate filtration, and microbiological stabilisation.
  • Table Water
    For ensuring a sterile packaged product.
  • Soft Drinks
    For microbial stabilisation of water, removal of particulates from sugar and flavourings, sterile filtration of CO2.
  • Food and Dairy Products
    To remove micro-organisms, Cryptosporidium oocysts and particulate or unwanted suspended material from utilities such as water, air, gas or steam.
  • Culinary Steam
    To ensure the sterilisation of filters and process equipment or sanitisation of general equipment.
  • Powder Handling
    Powder Handling of milk powders, raw materials in bakeries and other food powders that require uniform fluidisation and aeration.
  • Sparging
    For the mass transfer of gas into liquid, N2 injection into emulsifiers and oils, aeration in fermentation, batch hydrogenation applications and carbonation of beverages.

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