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Sinterflo® MC Septa Filter Elements

Our septa filter elements are made from Sinterflo® mesh composite (MC) filter media. This unique material is made from wire mesh and perforated metal, sintered together into a durable porous filtration medium.
The various layers of woven wire mesh and/or perforated metal are chosen to achieve the filtration, pre-coat, backwash and flow requirements of the application.
Manufactured from 316L stainless steel, these can be retrofitted into existing applications.
All of our septa filter elements are designed and tested to exceed the industry standards for resin retention, mechanical integrity, pre-coatability and backwash efficiency, to extend run times and maximize ion exchange performance.
Custom configurations can be provided.


  • Reactor water clean-up
  • Fuel pool clean-up
  • Radwaste processing
  • Condensate polishing
Septa Nuclear Porvair
Sinterflo Filter Elements Porvair
Nuclear Elements Porvair

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