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Where are filters used within the Pharmaceutical industry?

Filtration, separation and sterile venting are essential requirements of many pharmaceutical processes. Each application has its own operational challenges in developing and manufacturing products safely, timely and economically. Pharmaceutical applications include:

  • Biopharmaceutical production including media preparation, buffer preparation, bioreactor support and cell culture harvesting
  • Solvent filtration in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Formulation and powder blending of the various combined substances, including the active drug, to produce the final medical compound
  • Packaging sterilisation, including sterile vacuum filtration
  • Autoclave vent filtration to protect the product from external contamination
  • Clarification and prefiltration for the removal of solid impurities, undissolved powders and particles, critical to the final quality of the product and to protect equipment further downstream
  • Bioburden reduction for the reduction in particles or bacteria reaching the final sterilising filtration stage
  • Sterile venting and sterile gas filtration for pressure equalisation and bacteria barrier during storage
  • Sterile filtration of the final product
  • Veterinary medication
  • Sterile water-for-injection for diluting and dissolving drugs
  • Steam filtration for particulate removal during sterilisation of process equipment
  • Sterile filtration of gas for spargers in fermentation and aeration.

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