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Why are filters needed within the aerospace and defence industry?

Effective filtration within aircraft and military equipment is vital to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants and to guarantee safety, long service life, reliability and cost effective operation in the most demanding conditions.

Particulate contamination within the aerospace and defence industry is comprised of both soft and hard particles made up of silica, carbon, metal, rubber, fibres and microorganisms. The particulate enters the systems from adjoining components and also when the fluid or air is entered into the system.

Water also acts as a contaminant by corroding metal surfaces and causing a variance in the consistency of the fluid within the system. This can be introduced either by condensation or through worn system components.

Air can also act as a contaminant, causing pressure changes and consequently fluctuations in temperature. This occurs when air seeks into the system due to system leaks and over aeration. Other risks posed include: loss of lubrication, chemical reactions and a loss of transmitted power.

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