World Class Filtration Solutions


World Class Filtration Solutions

Porvair: Your partner in filtration and separation

Porvair Filtration Group can provide custom designed filtration solutions using a wide range of metallic and non-metallic filtration media. Also available are a range of media surface treatments to further enhance the chemical, temperature and solids abrasion resistance of the media within a particular application.

Porvair also manufacture a range of metallic filtration media including;

Sinterflo® F Sintered Metal Fibre

  • High permeability
  • Low clean and operating pressure drops
  • Excellent cleanability, particularly in pulsed jet operation
  • Pleatable, offering higher filtration area per element
  • Available in 316L stainless and a range of alloys
  • True HEPA air and gas filtration possible (with pulsed jet cleaning if necessary).

Sinterflo® M Sintered Metal Mesh

  • Available in a wide range of mesh sizes and separation ratings
  • Available in various metal types
  • Sintered, layered mesh that can be designed to meet specific needs in a range of plate sizes and other shapes
  • Widely used in fluidised bed and packed bed laterals, distributors and bed plates.

Sinterflo® P Sintered Metal Powder

  • Low permeability, but extremely robust
  • Pressure drops typically higher than sintered metal fibre
  • Primarily a depth filter, so cleanability is not as effective as Sinterflo® F Sintered Metal Fibre
  • Robust structure permitting successful use in properly designed liquid filtration backwashable systems
  • Available in a wide range of stainless steels and other alloys.

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