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Where is porous media used within the Life Science and Scientific industries?

Porous plastic and metal media is used in a wide range of applications in the Life Science, Scientific and Analytical markets.

The requirements of materials for these markets are far more stringent than those for industrial applications. They often need to be contamination-free, with very low levels of leachables. Regulatory approval is often an essential prerequisite for many products in these sectors.

Porous media and materials can be used wherever a support, controlled flow or release of fluids or gases is required. The wide range of sintered porous material options available often provides the chosen solution in critical applications.

Typical applications in these market sectors include:

  • Diagnostic
    • Filters for diagnostic sample preparation.
  • Medical
    • Fluid collection vents
    • Controlled release of drugs
    • IV catheter and syringe vents
    • Drug filtration
    • Theatre receptacle vents.
  • Analytical
    • SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) and pipette tips
    • Flash chromatography supports
    • Chromatography column media supports.
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Inhaler and liquid-dispensing filters
    • Sodium bicarbonate dialysis cartridges
    • Desiccant, moisture control, oxygen-scavenging capsules and containers
    • Process chromatography column support materials
    • Bioreactor aerators.

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