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SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) and pipette tip filters

BioVyon™ is an excellent material for the support of resins in solid phase extraction products used in sample preparation for analytical Chromatography analysis. It provides not only support for the resins but also can be designed for optimum flow essential for efficient chemical reaction with the resins. Leachables are very low as to not interfere with the final sample analysis.

For pipette tips, the BioVyon™ materials act as excellent barriers for aerosols.       

BioVyon™ materials

  • BioVyon™ polyethylene or polypropylene
  • BioVyon™ polyethylene or polypropylene laminated with a membrane
  • BioVyon™ functionalised polyethylene, hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  • BioVyon™ composite polyethylene.


  • Moulded or cut discs from roll or sheet material.


  • Filters in pipette tips for aerosol and liquid protection of the pipette
  • Supports in solid phase extraction devices (SPE) used in chromatography sample preparation 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, etc
  • 96-well filters and supports for analytical sample preparation.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent frit-to-frit consistency
  • Narrow  pore size distribution to optimise resin support
  • Controlled flow to optimise the reaction time (kinetic control)
  • Porvair frits have extremely low leachables and low particle shedding
  • Rigid and easy to assemble in mass production.

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  • BioVyon™ Hydrophobic
  • BioVyon™ Composites
  • BioVyon™ Laminates.


Flash chromatography supports      

BioVyon™ materials are an excellent resin support for flash chromatography columns. Flash chromatography is a rapid low-pressure purification technique.

BioVyon™ materials

  • BioVyon™ polyethylene or polypropylene
  • BioVyon™ functionalised polyethylene; hydrophilic.


  • Cut discs from sheet or roll material.


  • Flash chromatography is a medium-pressure rapid purification technique
  • It uses finer resins than traditional chromatography procedures and is often used for rapid larger scale sample preparation
  • BioVyon™ discs provide a firm support for the fine resins used in this application without breakthrough.

Features and benefits

  • BioVyon™ has extremely low extractables and will not add to contamination
  • The uniform porosity ensures consistent and uniform flow through the column
  • There are potential benefits of using BioVyon™ hydrophilic for rapid wet out
  • The support disc can be designed to ensure no resin breakthrough.

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Chromatography column supports and filters for equipment protection

Porvair's Sinterflo® P metal powder and mesh discs are ideal for chromatography column supports. Inert, strong, clean and providing consistent and uniform flow, they are a key component to achieve optimum peak resolution essential for critical analysis.

Porvair's Sinterflo® P metal powder discs and cups are also ideal as solvent filtration for solvents used in the process and to protect equipment such as pumps.

Porvair's Sinterflo® P metal powder discs can also be used as flow restrictors to control pressure and flow rates of purge gases in chromatography systems.

Sinterflo® materials

  • Sinterflo® P metal powder
  • Sinterflo® M metal mesh.


  • Discs, cups and shapes.


  • Supports for resin in chromatography column
  • Flow restrictors for purge gas control
  • Filters for process solvents
  • Filters for protection of pumps etc.

Features and benefits

  • Strong, easy to insert and use
  • Inert - can be used with a wide range of solvents and chemicals
  • Clean and low leaching - does not add contamination
  • Uniform pore size for controlled and uniform flow
  • Pore size and permeability can be selected for optimum performance.

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