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Porvair Filtration Group has a long history of designing and building many bespoke filtration and separation systems.

Examples of these are:

Supplementary coolant filtration systems

We have designed, built and qualified a filter assembly incorporating a system filter, shut off valve and differential pressure indicator for the Galley Coolant system on the new Airbus A380.

Hydraulic manifold assembly

The project, from concept to initial production units, involved the design and validation of a hydraulic filter manifold assembly for the Aermacchi M346 Trainer aircraft. The design incorporate high and low pressure filtration, pressure relieve/bypass valves and differential pressure indicators in a single aluminium manifold.

Dryer vent filters and the post-melter ‘HEPA' filter train: bulk vitrification process

Design, manufacture and supply of self-cleaning filtration systems housed in coded pressure vessels. Post-melter 'HEPA' filter train was installed downstream of the melter to capture at around 400 Celsius any particulate coming of the melter.

Nuclear waste containment vents

We developed a range of waste containment vent filters approved to USA waste isolation pilot plant and US federal shipping regulation requirements. The vents enable hydrogen to be vented from nuclear waste disposal drums, storage cans and boxes whilst retaining particulate.

Fuel tank inerting systems

Another recent example of an advanced system is the development of aircraft fuel tank inerting systems. The elimination of flammable fuel vapours in commercial aircraft fuel tanks is one of the top priorities of the US National Transportation Safety Board. Onboard aircraft fuel tank inerting systems address this issue and can be easily fitted within existing aircraft designs. The system removes oxygen from its source of engine bleed air, delivering nitrogen-enriched air into the aircraft fuel tanks thereby reducing the risk of fuel tank flammability. The system incorporates a critical separation membrane, which can be fouled by liquid and solid contamination reducing life and performance.

Our research and development team comprising of engineers and test technicians, working with customer test facilities, developed a filtration system that would ensure that the source of engine air, delivered into the inerting system, is free from particulate and liquid droplets.

The design of the filtration system required our engineers to overcome some major technical challenges in combining liquid droplet and particulate separation in a single module, providing ultra-high efficiency filtration across operational extremes and failsafe conditions, the life of the aircraft design and low operating pressure loss, all within stringent weight and space envelope requirements.

Several iterations of the product were tested at our purpose built test facility and a major US systems provider, to establish the performance specification and verify the development activities.

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