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World Class Filtration Solutions

GasPro™ Gas Diffusers

Porvair GasPro™ Diffusers insure a smooth, laminar gas flow and remove sub-micron particles when handling process gases used in microelectronic manufacturing processes. Diffusers are beneficial when a large volume of gas is flowing through a small diameter tube or orifice and prevent turbulence that can stir up particles in a load lock or vacuum chamber. 

Porvair GasPro™ porous media is also used by OEM purifier manufacturers to support and to retain the fine, purifier media used to prevent contamination in bulk gas delivery and gas distribution systems. The porous media can be custom manufactured to meet the critical pore size, pressure differential and flow requirements for each OEM design.

Features and benefits

  • Faster venting and cost savings
    Reduction in both purging and pressurization time.
  • Reduced turbulence and laminar flow
    For vent load lock and vacuum chamber purging applications to minimize particle disruption.
  • Process equipment protection
    Protection of vacuum pumps, reduces pressure spikes and also acts as a sub-micron particle filter to remove toxic and abrasive particles from exhaust gases.
  • Improves temperature uniformity
    For critical gas delivery systems.
  • Superior corrosion resistance
    316L stainless steel, nickel and Hastelloy® C22 materials for handling reactive process gases.
  • High purity cleaned
    Diffusers are extensively cleaned and dried to low ppb levels in a Class 100 Cleanroom to minimize any potential interactions with the process gases.

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