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BioVyon™ Sintered Porous Plastics

Porvair Filtration Group is a major manufacturer and developer of sintered porous materials, offering optimum solutions in a wide range of applications. Spearheading the porous polymeric materials is BioVyon™, manufactured to high cleanliness standards to meet the demands of the Bioscience market.

BioVyon™ sintered porous polypropylene or polyethylene is available in rolls and sheets that are cut to size, machined to shape or fabricated to meet the exacting requirements of the diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry. BioVyon™ polyethylene is also available in a moulded format.

Offering high void volumes makes BioVyon™ ideally suited to wicking, emanation and applications requiring high flow with minimum hold-up.

Produced in both sintered porous polyethylene and polypropylene, materials are available in:

  • Roll
  • Sheet
  • Cut shapes
  • Cones
  • Moulded formats.

Typical applications

  • Medical device filtration
  • Personal healthcare and pharmaceutical vents
  • Diagnostics
  • Catheter vents
  • Antibody purification products
  • Porous chromatography
  • Sample preparation for analytical chromatography applications
  • Drug delivery products.

Features and benefits

Continuous material development has resulted in a unique range of BioVyon™ materials each exhibiting different properties critical to these progressive markets.

Type of BioVyon™:

  • BioVyon™ Ultraclean
    Our BioVyon™ range of standard ultraclean materials are treated to exhibit very low extractables.
  • BioVyon™ Nanoclean
    Our nanoclean BioVyonTM range offers a high purity material with trace extractables.
  • BioVyon™ Hydrophobic and Oleophobic
    Our hydrophobic or oleophobic BioVyon™ is permanently treated to prevent the material from wetting-out in many organic solvents.
  • BioVyon™ Hydrophilic
    Our hydrophilic BioVyon™ material is permanently treated for instant water wettability. BioVyon™ Laminates Used as a support for membranes, our BioVyon™ laminate material extends the filtration range to 0.1µm for the retention of microorganisms.
  • BioVyon™ Composites
    Our BioVyon™composites incorporate active substances within the sintered porous material, such as chromatography resins, carbon and cellulosics.
  • BioVyon™ Functionalised
    Our chemically or biologically active sintered porous material is functionalised with amines, carbonyls, carboxylic acids, linker chains or ligands.

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