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Sinterflo® MC Filter Plates

Sinterflo® MC multi-layered, diffusion-bonded, stainless steel mesh is available in 316L and other alloys. This precision filter mesh, also known as a porous plate, is available in a range of different pore sizes ranging from 2 micron to 100 micron in diameter.

Porvair Filtration Group fabricate Sinterflo® MC sintered mesh in a standard flat plate format, up to a seamless size of 1,000mm x 1,500mm (40” x 60”) and an unlimited size in butt-welded sheets. This material is easily custom engineered for nonstandard applications and can be formed into tubes and small discs or large scale circular plates.

Sinterflo® MC Filter Plates are particularly well suited to demanding applications where high operating temperatures up to 540ºC (1,000ºF), increased chemical resistance and/or high abrasion resistance is essential. These applications include flame arrestors, nutsche filter plates and polymer melt filters.

Typical applications

  • Well water filtration for crop irrigation
  • Sand filtration in offshore oil and gas recovery
  • Sea water filtration in desalination plants
  • Marine life filtration from ballast water.

Features and benefits

  • High operating temperatures
  • Robust and self-supporting
  • Application and material versatility
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Cleanability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Design and engineering versatility.
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