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Wide format filters for high flow rate applications – now available with stainless steel outer cage FR

19 Nov 2020

Suitable for use throughout the process industries, Porvair Filtration Group’s wide format (WF) filter cartridges are designed for applications requiring a very high flow rate.

The Polyfil™ WF and Microfil™ WF cartridge filters are equally suitable for use as pre-filters or final polishing filters in applications that do not require membrane filtration.

The use of a spacer mesh as an upstream pleat support means that fluid flow is uniform across the entire surface of the filter medium. The mesh holds the flow channels open thereby maximising dirt holding capacity and minimising pressure drop across the filter.

Key features include:

  • Available with 304 stainless steel outer cage for high temperature or high differential pressure applications.
  • Absolute micron ratings ensure consistent, repeatable performance
  • Large surface area (up to 5m2 /40” element) & the use of specially designed spacing mesh ensures a low initial pressure drop and high dirt loading capacity
  • Inside to out flow ensures the capture of contaminant inside the element for cleaner, easier disposal
  • Independently tested and meet the requirements for food contact as described in EC 1935/2004 incorporating 10/2011
  • All polypropylene construction (Polyfil™ WF) using thermal bonding ensures minimal extractables and wide chemical compatibility, also available in Glass fibre with PP hardware. (Microfil™ WF)
  • Available in 20”, 40” & 60” lengths and with industry standard endcap dimensions allowing retrofit to most existing installations without modification.

Sales Manager, Martin Hanlon, adds “This new offering supports our dedication to provide our customers with cost-effective, world class filtration solutions. These wide format filters can be used in most industrial applications including: power generation, water treatment, paints coatings and resins, sea water desalination, reverse osmosis (RO) plants to protect the RO Membrane filter, and food and beverage. We also supply a wide range of industrial standard filter housings to compliment this range.”

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