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Filtration expert launches Restrictive Flow Products, proudly made in the USA

28 Mar 2019

Porvair is continuously seeking new ways to solve flow control and filtration requirements for its customers and is pleased to announce the launch of the new Restrictive Flow Products (RFPs) product line for OEM and custom applications, with flow rates from 0.1sccm to 1.0scfm.

RFPs are a gas and liquid flow control device with high accuracy, incorporating multiple pathways using sintered porous metal in standard and custom hardware configurations. They are suitable for the Analytical Instrumentation, Oil & Gas, Chromatography, Microelectronics, Food & Beverage and Environmental Control sectors.

This new product eliminates costly mass flow controllers (MFCs), capillary tubes and precision needle control valves, showing a huge benefit to the industry. A few of the top benefits of this product also includes a simple design for easy installation, multiple flow pathways to resist fouling and high accuracy.

Individually calibrated to specific gas, flow rate and tolerance, using our proprietary manufacturing process ensures quality and repeatability from lot to lot. Flow data is provided with each lot, and an achievement of ultra-low flow rates down to 0.1sccm.

Typical features of the RFPs include:
• Unlimited flow ranges and gas types
• Installed in standard hardware metal or plastic
• Custom hardware options, customer supplied or manufactured
• Easy assembly, simple press-fit in most applications
• No moving parts
• Low cost

Bruce Kobles, Application Engineer, comments:
“Our RFP products are your one-source solution for gas and liquid flow control requiring high accuracy, long life and under demanding particulate laden conditions with unlimited and custom hardware and installation options at low cost. With its robust design, precise flow control, flow repeatability and easy installation, we are proud to offer this product to our customers.”

To download the full RFP Brochure, please click here.

Porvair’s Caribou division is focused on the manufacture of custom engineered porous sintered metal components and assemblies for use in a wide range of applications, including:

• Filters and sensor protectors for analytical and process instruments
• Media retention for gas drying and purification
• Frits for chromatography
• Flame arrestors for combustible gas monitoring
• Flow restrictors for gas flow control devices

If you would like to read more about Porvair’s global capabilities, take a look at our history page.

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