Sustainable Land and Sea Transport Fuels

Sustainable Land and Sea Transport Fuels

Porvair Filtration provides engineering solutions for applications in the methane conversion into liquid synthetic fuels for Sustainable Diesel Fuels (SDF) such as biogasoline and biodiesel, be it via the direct partial combustion of methane to methanol or the F-T processes and the accompanying conversion of the syngas to liquids

Synthetic fuels may be sourced from a range of sustainable raw feedstock such as waste oils, agriculture, and other biomass groups. The processing of thesefeedstocks, especially the less conventional waste oils fuels, require pre-filtration as well as the product/by-product purification. Whether for the gas, liquid or removal of solid residues from process streams, Porvair Filtration assemblies are specially designed to meet the physiochemical conditions, engineering designs, and regulatory specifications identified with the industrial processes filtration requirements.

Custom engineer solutions for these processes include:

  • Jet Microfil®
  • Fluorofil® 
  • Liquid  /Gas Coalescer
  • Sinterflo® P,  Sinterflo® F
  • Liquid  /Liquid Coalescer
  • Polyfil® Pre-filters

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