Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

We recognise the current drive towards the decarbonisation of the aviation industry and identify Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) production as a key role in achieving global net zero target.

We engineer solutions which incorporate filter media and cartridges in custom designed assemblies to meet the exacting system specifications. These can be adapted for many fuel synthesis applications including the most demanding ASTM approved SAF synthesis processes such as: the Hydro treated Esters and Fatty Acids (HEFA); syngas production and the Fischer Tropsch (F-T) and; the Alcohol to Jet (AtJ) method.

Custom engineered solutions for these processes include:

  • Jet Microfil®
  • Fluorofil®
  • Liquid / Gas Coalescer
  • Sinterflo®P,  Sinterflo® F
  • Liquid / Liquid Coalescer
  • Polyfil® Pre-filters


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