Porvair Filtration Group COVID-19 Virus (Coronavirus) Statement

In common with most businesses Porvair Filtration Group is monitoring global developments and Government guidance and legislation with respect to the corona virus closely. Our key priority on all sites is the health and safety of our employees and business partners.

Whilst taking all necessary measures to safeguard our people, we are operating within a robust business continuity plan to ensure the business can continue to supply products to essential parts of the global economy. As part of our evolving response to this crisis, we have taken the following actions: 

  • Senior management crisis team has been assembled to assess the development of the situation and confirm daily action plans
  • Employee infection protection measures and awareness has been stepped up across our facilities, with specific guidance provided to help employees minimise risks.
  • Vulnerable or at risk personnel have been identified and are not permitted on site.
  • Where employees are able to work from home they do so and remote IT access has been provided.
  • An immediate international travel ban has been implemented. All non-critical travel by PFG employees within the UK has been suspended.
  • Immediate restrictions and screening have been implemented on visitors to PFG facilities with all but essential visits cancelled.
  • Suppliers of key materials have been contacted to ensure continuity. Where necessary increased raw material stock holding has been procured.
  • Where possible, we are prepared to adjust working patterns to maximize uptime in our facilities and accommodate employees impacted by dependent care.
  • Escalation point of contacts will be established, if not already in place.

With these measures in place it is our intention that production will be maintained throughout this epidemic to minimise impact on our customers whilst maintaining the safety of our employees. Regular updates will be provided individually to customers as we navigate these challenging times.

Tom Liddell

Managing Director

4th January, 2021

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